Membership – Join the Guild!

As any coverlet enthusiast knows, there aren’t enough of us. In order to help create an interest in coverlets and their study and preservation, we need to learn and share all we can. This is the place to come, learn, and share. If you have a thirst for knowledge about wonderful antique coverlets, join the Colonial Coverlet Guild of America. We will be thrilled to meet you.

In its early days, membership in the CCGA required possession of a coverlet, and candidates were required to furnish a photograph of it for the Guild library. Today, membership is open to anyone interested in coverlets. Annual dues are Individual $35, Family $40 and Museum $35.

A printer-friendly form is here.

Double Weave Coverlet

1831 Coverlet for Esther Lawton
Woven in Fishkill, Dutchess County, New York