Guild History

The Guild was organized in Chicago in 1924 by a group of women interested in the study and preservation of handwoven coverlets. They collected photos and documentation in an effort to help create an interest in coverlets. On January 28, 1925, the Guild was incorporated under the laws of the State of Illinois.

The Guild’s official insignia represents the weaver at the loom, the distaff, the shuttle, and a conventional design of flax blossoms. The design was registered at the United States Patent Office on June 23, 1933.

Heirlooms from Old Looms, A Catalog of Coverlets owned by The Colonial Coverlet Guild of America and its Members, was published in 1940 and 1955 by the Guild.

On March 6, 1985, the Guild’s unique collection of 103 coverlets was formally dedicated to the DuPage County Historical Museum at 102 East Wesley, Wheaton, Illinois, for their preservation and exhibition.

Double Weave Coverlet from Pennsylvania