Our Activities

Although we are still centered around the Chicago area, we meet informally several times a year in various locations. For our annual meeting, we choose a coverlet-relevant place, such as a major exhibit or event. Past locations have included the Alling Coverlet Museum in Palmyra, New York; Colonial Williamsburg in Williamsburg, Virginia; and the DuPage County Historical Museum in Wheaton, Illinois. The 2016 annual meeting was held at the Genesee Country Village and Museum where they currently have an interesting coverlet exhibition.

Meetings generally include time for meet-and-greets, discussions of current events, and often a talk or lecture. There is always a wonderful show-and-tell session, during which members show off some of their latest “finds” and tell great stories of wonderful discoveries.


We maintain a quarterly newsletter, tracking coverlet-related news, activities and events around the country. Along with images of coverlets on the collections of our members, our past issues have included articles on recommended reading and new research on specific weavers.

Double weave geometric coverlet in
16 Snowball pattern with Pine Tree border.
Overshot coverlet.

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